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Research fields

Research fields
• Biosignal analysis and recognition;
• Research in rehabilitation and medical systems and their processes based on statistical and numerical methods;
• Modeling, design and technology selection for sandwich covers with different mechanical and chemical properties;
• Innovation management and development at industrial enterprises;
• Lean management system and innovation development;
• Development of creativity stimulation tools;
• Development of mechatronic systems, research and diagnostics of their tribological, metrological properties;
• Dynamic and metrological research and diagnostics of mechatronized systems;
• Investigation of advanced welding technologies, equipment and materials;
• Computational modeling of welding stress and strain;
• Creation of oxy-acetylene and arc sprayed coatings;
• Investigations of Process and Machine Dynamics;
• Investigation of the properties of the printing materials (paper, inks) ;
• Investigation of the micro and macrosystems using optical methods;
• Welding technologies;
• Modern materials;
• Dangerous welding design reliability, durability and ageing.
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