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Department of Printing Machines founded 1993. It was the first, which began teach higher education specialists in our Republic for the publishing and printing houses. The staff Department's Theory of Machines formed the basis Department of Printing Machines. Head of Department was Assoc. Prof. Dr. N. Šešok:
The first head of the Department of Theory Machines was Dr. D. Maciulevicius (1962-1970). After that Hab.Dr.Prof. A.P.Kavolelis was the head of this Department (1970-1987). The joint Departments Theory of Machines advanced in VISI at 1981 and Dr. A.P.Kavolelis, Dr.B.Spruogis were leaders among inventors; post-graduate student V.Turla was the best inventor between young scientists. Prof. A.P.Kavolelis was famous scientist and teacher in VISI. He formulated the new long-term science direction: theoretical substantiation and creation construction of special equipment which function by centrifugal force. Professor published over 280 scientific articles in USSR and abroad, wrote two monographs, made over 90 inventions, took out 3 patents for an invention abroad. Prof. A.P. Kavolelis was the first scientist in VISI as the author of foreign patent. In Department the high level mechanical engineers and scientists taught; they worked successfully in the production of machines. Prof. A.P.Kavolelis was person of great erudition and had knowledge of life, so he was scientific adviser for young scientists. E.Jurkonis and V.Turla became doctors by Prof. A.P.Kavolelis. From 1987 head Department's of Theory Machines was Dr. V.Turla. Now Prof. Dr. V.Turla is the head Faculty of Mechanics.
Fourteen workers, 11 teachers among them (prof., doc., eng.) work in the Department of Printing Machines. Twenty five subjects teach about publishing and typographical activities from preparation of editions, prepress (technology and equipment), printing process and machines to postpress and production of books, magazines, newspapers, packages and so on. Laboratories of Department have devices and equipment using by printing houses. This is a good basis for teach bachelors and masters (about fifty every year).
Department of Printing Machines collaborate with many printing houses: "Lietuvos rytas" (our graduate mr. T.Auruskevicius is director), "Respublika", "Garsu pasaulis" Ltd, "Spaudos konturai", firms "FOLIS", "LIETPAK" and others.
  • Lithuania KTU, Department of graphic communication engineering (Lithuania)
  • Ukraine Ukraine Printing Academy, Department of Polygraphic Machines (Lithuania)
  1. Test bench for the investigation of an ink pasage between rollers.
  2. Spectrophotometer Techkon
  3. Two channal oscilograph
  4. Eqyuipment for the paper testing using PPS method
  • Lithuania Printing Association (LISPA)
  • “Folis”, Ltd
  • Department of Statistics at the Government of the Republic of Lithuania
  • “Grafinės mašinos”, Ltd
  • “PakMarkas”, Ltd
  • “Garsų pasaulis”, Ltd
  • “Firidas”, Ltd
  • “SPAUDA”, Ltd
  • “Grafobal Vilnius”, Ltd
Services we offer:
  • Examination of the technical condition of polygraphic machines
  • Examination of the quality of polygraphic products
  • Lay-out of editions
  • Consulting in the choice of polygraphic materials
  • Consulting in management of printing processes
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