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Mechanics Faculty, Dept. of Mechanical and Material Engineering
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
J. Basanavičiaus St. 28, room 2-205, LT-03224 Vilnius
Phone: +370 5 274 4734; Local phone 9734
Head of the department
Prof. dr Mindaugas Jurevičius
Address:  Faculty of Mechanics, J. Basanavičiaus g. 28, 2-205, Vilnius
Tel .:  8 (5) 2744734, (local 9734), +370 68517520,
By the Resolution of the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Council on Structural Changes in Academic Departments of the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University No. 2017-03.1-1 adopted since 07.01.2017 the two Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Welding were founded as a combined unit, named the Department of Mechanical and Material Engineering.
Department Mission  
To become a unit of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University creating a higher value added by concentrating its scientific activities in the areas of mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, materials engineering and innovation fields.  
Department Vision  
To become an active, socially responsible partner of business and scientific organizations that prepares worldwide specialists carrying out scientific research and able to find successful applications of their results in practice.
Department Objectives
  • To provide Bachelors of Engineering degree (B.Eng.) of Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering, in accordance with Mechanical Engineering, Innovative Production Engineering, Production Engineering and Management study programmes. To train advanced creators of manufacturing engineering products who will be able to improve the product or create an entirely new one understanding the principles of and having good skills in engineering design, able to apply the latest scientific and technological achievements, modern materials, production technologies and machines; to use modern software, hardware and information technologies. Graduates will be able to link professional skills with basics of business and management having good knowledge of the principles of product manufacturing; perfectly analyze technical characteristics of a product using skills needed to improve productivity, reduce costs of manufacturing and ensure products and services are delivered to the industry when required; collaborate with specialists from various technical fields communicating in native or in a foreign language constantly improving and updating their skills and knowledge.
  • To provide Masters of Engineering degree (M.Eng.) of Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering, in accordance with Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Welding Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Innovation Management study programmes. To train specialists of high erudition and professional awareness, creative and enterprising future production organizers and leaders, able to create and successfully realise innovations communicating in native and foreign languages, applying scientific methods in the engineering fields, able to organize team work, use modern software, hardware, and information technologies in their research processes applying research results and innovations in the activities of industrial enterprise. Graduates will be able to analyze and evaluate the technological achievements in materials science and joining technologies; to carry out experimental research from the scientific point of view, ensuring the high quality of production by effective implementation and application of advanced technological processes in different fields and make ethical and socially responsible decisions.
  • After the graduation, the studies in the doctoral programmes of Mechanical Engineering or Materials Science direction are possible.
Mechanics and Materials Engineering Department Laboratories:
Machinery and Technologies
  • Technological Machinery Training Laboratory
  • Tool Training Laboratory,
  • Measurement Laboratory
  • Alternative Energy Research Laboratory
  • Mechatronics and Research Laboratory,
  • CNC equipment training laboratory
  • Manufacturing Technology Laboratory
  • Environmental Education Laboratory,
  • Energy accounting laboratory
  • Energy Saving Equipment Laboratory
  • Solid Materials Machining Laboratory.
Materials Science & Welding
  • Materials Science Academic Laboratory;
  • Welding Technology Laboratory;
  • Sample preparation laboratory;
  • Materials Research Laboratory;
  • Quality, soldering, bonding and polymer bonding laboratory;
  • Laboratory for mechanical testing and corrosion.
Head of Department Laboratories: Gvidas Mockus 
Address: Mechanics Faculty, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
J. Basanavičiaus St. 28, 2-001 room, LT-03224 Vilnius
Phone +370 5 274 9169
Local phone: 9169
Lithuania GSM: +370 606 93265
Department of Mechanical and Material Engineering was established after incorporation of Department of Machine Engineering and Department of Industrial Enterprise Management – at 2013, and Department of Materials and Welding – at 2017.
At 1965 in the Vilnius extension of KPI (Kaunas Polytechnical Institute) the Department of Automation of Machine Production Processes was established, which at 1967 was named the Department of Machine Production Technology, at 1991 – Department of Machine Engineering and at 2013 – Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Heads of Department:
  • from 1965 to 1973 – assoc. prof. dr. Romualdas Jonusas,
  • from 1973 to 1984 – assoc. prof., dr. Algimantas Samulevicius,
  • from 1984 to 1990 - prof. dr. habil. Mecislovas Mariunas,
  • from 1990 to 2007 - prof. dr. habil. Vladas Vekteris,
  • from 2007 up to this time assoc. prof. dr. Mindaugas Jurevicius
Personal awards for staff of department:
  • Prof. habil. dr. Vladas Vekteris - Lithuania science award in 2007 m. for works cycle of research trybology systems,
  • assistant Artūras Kilikevičius - winner of young scientist competition of Lithuania science Academy in 2008,
  • Prof. habil. dr. Albinas Kasparaitis - Lithuania science award in 2010 m. for works cycle of research precise measurement systems,
  • Prof. dr. Mindaugas Jurevičius awarded by Honour sign of LINPRA (Lithuania industrial association) in 2011,
  • Prof. dr. Vytautas Bučinskas awarded by Honour sign of LINPRA (Lithuania industrial association) in 2012.
Foreign universities and research centers:
  1. Edinburg Napier University, UK
  2. Opole University of Technology, PL
  3. Bialystok Technical University,PL.
  4. University of Girona, SP
  5. Danmarks Techniske Universitet, DK
  6. Tallinn University of Technology, EE
  7. University of Roma 3, IT
  8. Communication University of China
  9. Autonoimous University of Barcelona, SP
  10. Universitat Politècnica de València, SP
  11. Sør-Trøndelag University College, NO
  12.   Slovenia Welding Institute, SL
  13. University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, AT
  14. Chemnitz University of Technology, DE
  15.  Université de technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard, FR
  16. Riga Technical university, LV
  17. Warsaw University of Technology , PL
  18. Karaganda State University, KZ
  19.  Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, RO
  20.  Belarusian State University, BY
  21. Khmelnytskyi National University, UA
  22. St. Petersburg State Technological Institute, RUS
  23. Maskvos plieno ir lydinių  institutas, Rusija.
  24. Gdansko technikos universitetas, Lenkija.
  25. Stokholmo karališkasis technologijos institutas, Švedija.
  26. Ukrainos nacionalinis technikos universitetas, Ukraina.
  27. Balstogės technikos universitetas, Lenkija.
  28. Baltarusijos valstybinis technikos universitetas, Baltarusija.
  29. Opolės technikos universitetas, Lenkija.
  30. Rostoco Suvirintojų Mokymo Centras (VSL), Rostokas, Vokietija.
  31. Kijevo Patono elektrinio suvirinimo institutas, Kijevas, Ukraina.
  32. Suvirinimo institutas, Lenkija.

Lietuvos universitetai ir mokslo centrai:
  1. Vilniaus universitetas (VU). Lazerių tyrimų centras.
  2. Fizinių ir technologijos mokslų centras, Vilnius.
  3. Kauno technologijos universitetas (KTU)
  4. Klaipėdos universitetas (KU)
  5. Lietuvos mokslų akademija (LMA)
  6. Lietuvos energetikos institutasv (LEI)
Lietuvos valstybinės institucijos:
  1. Lietuvos Standartizacijos departamentas
  2. Lietuvos inovacijų centras
  3. Ūkio ministerija
  4. VĮ Energetikos agentūra
  5. LINPRA (Lietuvos inžinerinės pramonės asociacija)
  6. Valstybinė atominės saugos inspekcija
  7. Lietuvos Respublikos energetikos ministerija
  8. Nacionalinis akreditacijos biuras

Užsienio ūkio subjektai:
AB „Abplanalp Baltic“, Ryga, Latvija. - Haas Automation Inc. atstovas Lietuvai

Ūkio subjektai:
  1. UAB „Precizika Metrology“,
  2. UAB „Precizika Met“,
  3. MG AB „Precizika“
  4. UAB „Abplanalp Engineering“,
  5. UAB „Intersurgical“,
  6. UAB „Arginta engineering“,
  7. UAB „Vilpros pramonė“,
  8. UAB „Traidenis“,
  9. UAB „Tiksliosios mechanikos technologijos“,
  10. UAB „NB Mechanika“,
  11. UAB „Metec“,
  12. UAB „Aurida“,
  13. AB „Rokiškio sūris“,
  14. AB „Grąžtai“,
  15. AB „Lietuvos geležinkeliai“,
  16. UAB „Vilniaus lokomotyvų remonto depas“,
  17. UAB „Standa“,
  18. UAB „Plieninis Skydas“,
  19. UAB „Integrated Optics“,
  20. UAB „Optolita“,
  21. UAB „PakMarkas",
  22. Finansų ministerijos mokymo centras,
  23. UAB "Progresyvūs Verslo Sprendimai",
  24. UAB „SCA Packaging“,
  25. UAB „Saugos gidas“,
  26. UAB „Oksalis“,
  27. UAB „Garzdalo medienos technologijos“,
  28. UAB „Lietpak“,
  29. UAB „ALTAS“ komercinis transportas.
  30. UAB „AGA“
  31. AB ,,ORLEN Lietuva”
  32. UAB ,,Iremas“
  33. UAB „Vingis“
  34. AB ,,Montuotojas“
  35. VŠĮ ,,Vilniaus Jeruzalės darbo rinkos mokymo centras“
  36. UAB ,,Vilniaus energija“
  37. Lietuvos ir Vokietijos UAB Tuvlita
  38. Technikos priežiūros tarnyba, TPT
  39. UAB „Profibus“
  40. UAB „Inspekta“
  41. UAB „Serpantinas“
  42. UAB ,,Litana ir Co“
  43. UAB „Schmitz Cargobull Baltic“
  44. AB “Vakarų laivų remontas”
  45. AB “Achema”
  46. AB “Lietuvos dujos”
  47. AB “Anykščių varis”
  48. UAB “Euroweld Group”
  49. AB “Astra”, mašinų gamykla
  50. 24. UAB “BITĖ Lietuva”
  51. 25. UAB “Energetikos remontas”
  52. UAB “Vilniaus elektrinė”
  53. AB “Lietuvos Energija”
  54. UAB “Romelsa”
  55. Ignalinos AE
  56. AB “Lifosa”
  57. UAB “Alvora”
Study Programmes
Bachelor's Degree Study Programmes
Study area
Study programme,
  state code
Mode of studies, Language of lectures
  (if not defined - lithuanian)
Production and Manufacturing   Engineering
Production Engineering and Management,   612H77001
Industrial Enterprises Management
Industrial Technology
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanics Egineering, 612H33001
Design of Energy Accounting and Environment Protection Devices
Machine Design (english)
Machine Quality Control
Master's Degree Study Programmes
Study area
Study programme,
  state code
Mode of studies, Language of lectures
  (if not defined - lithuanian)
Production and Manufacturing   Engineering
Industrial Engineering, 621H77001
Industrial Technology
Industrial Engineering and Innovation   Management, 621H77002
Continual studies (LT and english)
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering, 621H33001
Design and Production of Environment Protection Devices
Design and Production of Mechanical Systems
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